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A helix piercing involves piercing the outer rim of the ear cartilage, typically on the upper part of the ear.  During the procedure, a sterile needle is used to create a hole through the helix cartilage, and then high-quality jewelry such as titanium or surgical stainless steel placed in the piercingA helix ear piercing is the term used for piercings on the outer rim of the ear cartilage. It's typically on the upper part of the ear, but placements may vary from the "forward helix" (closer to the face) or, "mid helix" (the upper part of your ear, away from your face) or anywhere in between. During the procedure, your experienced piercer will use a sterile needle to puncture a hole through your cartilage, afterwards placing a high-quality piece of the jewelry of your choice.  


THE FALL's flat rate for one helix piercing is $50. The service cost may vary for double-, triple-and industrial piercings. Your jewelry choices will begin at $40—ask your piercer for more information about gold and gem helix studs available for an additional cost. The cost of a helix piercing varies on the type of jewelry used. The service is $50, jewelry starts at $40 and goes up with gold options and gem stones.


Our piercers recommend that you allow a 2–4 month healing process for your new helix piercing. The cartilage requires more time to fully recover than a traditional earlobe piercing. We’ll demonstrate how to clean your ear piercing through regular rinsing with sterile saline solution or mild soap and water during your appointment. To keep away irritation and infection, we advise that you don’t sleep on your newly pierced, healing ear and avoid touching or playing with the ear piercing, especially with unwashed hands. 


Our team is excited to get to know your placement preferences and offer our expertise on your helix piercing options. Feel free to customize your service to your unique taste and anatomy—or review common placements below:

  • Forward Helix Piercings: Placed on the upper front part of the ear, closer to the face.
  • Lower Helix and Mid Helix Piercings: Placed in the lower to middle part of the outer rim of the ear, farther from your face.
  • Double or Triple Helix Piercings: Position multiple helix piercings along the outer rim of your ear to create a stacked or clustered look anywhere from the forward to lower placements.
  • Industrial Piercings: Connect two helix piercings via a single barbell for a unique look. This placement usually spans from the upper helix to the forward helix, but we're happy to explore additional options that might be right for you. 

Helix Piercing

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