Rook Piercing

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A rook piercing refers to a puncture on the anti helix—the fold of cartilage located in the upper part of the ear between your inner and outer conch. It’s gained popularity amongst our piercers and their clients due to its eye-catching placement and unique jewelry choices. We’re proud to offer and advise you about this captivating ear adornment variety. A rook piercing is a unique and stylish ear piercing that involves piercing the antihelix, a fold of cartilage located in the upper part of the ear between the inner and outer conch. This piercing is gaining popularity for its distinctive and eye-catching appearance. 

A rook piercing is a captivating addition to ear adornment, offering individuals a unique way to express their style through carefully chosen jewelry in a distinctive part of the ear.


At THE FALL, our flat rate for a rook piercing service is $50. The total price will depend on your rook piercing jewelry price, which starts at $40 for high-quality titanium. For an additional cost, you can choose from a thoughtful range of gold or gemmed options that help you express your own bold style. 


Healing times for a rook piercing can differ from one person to another, but typically, the healing period spans about 6–12 months. Maintaining a thorough aftercare routine is crucial during this time to prevent infections and promote proper healing. Our piercers recommend cleaning your rook piercing twice a day using saline solution or mild soap and water. 

It’s also important to avoid applying any pressure or causing trauma to the pierced area. Please avoid sleeping on the freshly pierced ear and refrain from unnecessary touching or rotating of the new jewelry. Mild symptoms like swelling, redness, and tenderness are normal, but please contact us or speak to a healthcare professional if you notice any signs of infection. Your health and safety matter most, and we’re committed to advising you during the healing process. 


Our expert piercers are trained to bring great skill and trusted precision to your rook piercing service. The structure for your anti helix is complex—our team will navigate your unique anatomy to provide an excellent, comfortable rook piercing experience. We'll work with you to confirm your preferred placement, ensuring your new piercing results match your desired look. 

Rook Piercing

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