Daith Piercing

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Daith Piercing

A Daith piercing is a type of ear piercing that involves piercing the innermost cartilage fold of the ear, known as the daith. Aftercare is a crucial part of caring for your new piercing.


The cost of a Daith piercing is $40 plus the cost of jewellery which starts at $30. You have lots of options when it comes to jewellery for a Daith starting with segment rings, captive bead rings, curved barbells, gemmed ends and gold options! Our staff can help you find the perfect pierce.


The healing process for a Daith piercing typically takes around 6 to 12 weeks, although individual healing times may vary. During this time, it's essential to follow proper aftercare instructions provided by the piercer. Aftercare usually involves cleaning the piercing twice daily with saline solution or a mild saline solution and avoiding any trauma or pressure to the area. It's also recommended to refrain from touching or rotating the jewelry unnecessarily and to avoid sleeping on the pierced ear.


Placement for a Daith piercing involves piercing the small fold of cartilage above the ear canal, near the innermost part of the ear. This location offers a visually striking and aesthetically pleasing look. Jewelry options for Daith piercings include curved barbells, captive bead rings, and seamless rings, among others. The choice of jewelry depends on personal preference and the anatomy of the ear.

Daith Piercing

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