Jewelry Change/Downsize

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Jewelry Change/Downsize

Most piercings will swell initially and return to normal as the body heals. To accommodate this our piercers will use a longer post and once your piercing is healed we can use a properly fitted post. This is a free service for our clients but we can help anyone in need.


We are happy to install all of our jewellery for free to our clients. If you have a special piece that you didn't buy at The FALL, there may be a $10 fee to install.


Your piercing should be completely healed before you change the jewellery. If you are unsure, just ask one of our piercers to take a look and we'll be happy to help.


In most cases we can reuse the end piece jewellery and just shorten the post. It will depend on the type of jewellery you used. Your piercer would have told you your downsizing options during your inittial appointment but we can review them when it comes time. We can also help you choose a new piece of jewellery and install it for free.  

Jewelry Change/Downsize

You can book your jewellery change or downsizing with the calendar to the right by selecting your chosen highly trained, friendly, and experienced piercer and hitting the "Search" button. 


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