Bridge Piercing

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Bridge Piercing

A Bridge piercing is a type of facial piercing that is placed horizontally through the bridge of the nose, typically between the eyes. This piercing creates a bold and eye-catching look, making it a popular choice for those seeking unique facial piercings.


A Bridge piercing is a pro level piercing as it's crucial that the jewellery gets inserted completely straight. Because of this the service fee is $50 and the jewellery starts at $35 and goes up with gold and gemmed options.


The healing process for a Bridge piercing typically takes around 6 to 12 weeks, although individual healing times may vary. During this time, proper aftercare is essential to prevent infection and promote healing. Aftercare usually involves cleaning the piercing with saline solution or a mild soap solution twice daily, avoiding trauma or pressure to the area, and refraining from touching or rotating the jewelry unnecessarily. With proper care and attention, a Bridge piercing can heal successfully, allowing individuals to enjoy their unique facial adornment safely.


The placement of a Bridge piercing involves carefully piercing the skin on the bridge of the nose, avoiding major blood vessels and nerves to ensure a safe and comfortable procedure. The piercing is usually positioned higher up on the bridge, allowing for proper placement of jewelry and reducing the risk of migration or rejection.

Bridge Piercing

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