Conch Piercing

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Conch Piercing

A conch piercing is a type of ear piercing that involves piercing the cartilage of the ear's conchal bowl, the large, curved area of cartilage located in the center of the ear. This piercing can be placed anywhere within the conch area, depending on individual anatomy and preference.


Options for jewellery start at $30 for basic titanium and go up with gold or gem options.  The service is $50 plus the jewellery.


The healing process for a conch piercing typically takes around 6 to 12 months, although individual healing times may vary. During this time, proper aftercare is crucial to prevent infection and promote healing. Aftercare usually involves cleaning the piercing with saline solution or a mild soap solution twice daily, avoiding trauma or pressure to the area, and refraining from touching or rotating the jewelry unnecessarily.


Common placements include the inner conch, which is closer to the ear canal, or the outer conch, which is closer to the outer edge of the ear. The conch piercing offers a stylish and versatile option for ear adornment, allowing individuals to showcase their unique style with a variety of jewelry options.

Conch Piercing

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