Employment at The FALL

Station rentals are available for Professional Tattoo Artists

The FALL Tattooing and Piercing is an established studio in the downtown area of Vancouver.  We opened in 2007 and since then have worked towards the goal of providing clients with a positive experience, great art, body piercings of the highest quality at the same time giving opportunities to our employees and providing artists the means to move their business forward and to focus on their art.
We currently have tattoo stations available for rent.  Are you looking to simplify your business, do you want to focus on your clientele and your art and less time on the logistics of running a business?  We can now offer a monthly rental that includes front end labor support, walk-in traffic, bookkeeping records for your taxes, a furnished station with top end equipment, online bookings, supplies (excludes your machine, cartridges, needles, inks, and cables), plus Social media posts, and a creative, supportive, safe work environment with like minded artists.
We are looking for someone that is self driven, dedicated, hardworking, and experienced.  Preference will be given to artists with; Five years of in studio experience, a strong social media presence with personal marketing efforts, and a positive customer experience, If you think you would make a valuable addition to our studio and would like to join our team, email Josh@thefalltattooing.com for more details.

Currently, we are not looking for any support staff.

Tattooing - We are looking for someone who is drama free, self driven, and professional.  Blood borne pathogens certification, training in cross contamination, and compliance with our preventative measures for communicable diseases are a must.  This person will have to be good with communicating with clients and able to give a positive experience with every tattoo.  Five years minimum experience at a licensed studio we be preferred.  

Benefits include stations equipped with Tatsoul or hydraulic furniture, lockable storage in the station and lockers for personal storage, Glamcor floor lighting, 5k overhead lighting (Small details stand out under this type of light because of the colour contrast this crisp light offers), everything but art supplies is covered by the studio including gloves, barriers, disinfectants, stencil supplies, and,  (you will be responsible for your machine parts, power supplies, inks).  The studio does provide several thermal fax printers, carbon printers, inkjet color printers, and eco printers for stencils.  The best service the studio provides is our support staff.  They are there to make sure you have what you need to focus on your art, confer with clients, and to manage your schedules.  You will be able to change your own schedule with our scheduling software that is cloud based and allows you to view client information like deposits, design notes, contact info, past visits, and next booked appointments from anywhere.

Work with other like minded artists in a safe, inclusive, and professional atmosphere, Send your portfolio to josh@thefalltattooing.com


Piercing - we are looking for someone with exceptional customer service, an extended knowledge of jewellery, and a personal interest in the industry.  Piercers must be willing to become an APP member as to follow suit with the studio that is a member along with all of our piercers, studio manager and sales manager.  We adhere to the highest level of sterility and safety and applicants must comply with these standards.  Sales experience is welcomed as we sell the top jewellery brands around and we like to sell that gold and other high end pieces.  Excellent communications skills and patience will go a long way when making clients happy and will be needed to maintain our reputation for top shelf service.  

Our piercers are expected to clean common areas, answer phones, book clients, and liaison for artists and their clients when you are not piercing.

The FALL pays a competitive rate that includes holiday pay, 2 weeks vacation, and 5 sick days a year.  We provide lockers for personal storage and a staff room stocked with drinks and snacks to use on down time.

If working with other industry enthusiasts in a fast paced environment sounds good to you, email your resume to josh@thefalltattooing.com


Sales and Support Staff - We are looking for an enthusiastic quick learner with an attention for detail and the kind of customer service that will make clients come back again and again.  You will have to be organized, punctual, friendly, and be able to multitask in a sometimes busy environment.   You will have to learn our scheduling and POS software and be trained in basic disinfecting and cross contamination preventative measures.  Your duties will include cleaning common areas, watering plants, taking phone calls, scheduling appointments, being the go between for our artists and their clients and encourage a positive energy in the studio.

Please do not apply for this position if you think it will lead to a tattoo or piercing apprenticeship.  We are not excepting apprentice applications and are only interested in applicants that are interested in excelling in the position offered.

Our starting wage for support staff is above minimum wage and include some benefits.  You don't start work until 11am at the earliest.  After a short 3 months you get tattoos and piercings without paying the studio commission and if the artist likes you, then it's usually gratis.  It's an opportunity to learn new skills and strengthen others skills alongside industry professionals.  Work in a creative, inclusive, challenging, and fun environment with growth opportunities.  

You will love working at The FALL, email your resume to josh@thefalltattooing.com


General info - The FALL is a studio that insists on inclusivity and professionalism with all our staff.  Standards The FALL sets with cleanliness, sterility, customer service, and professionalism must be met by everyone at The FALL.

The FALL is dedicated to providing the tools, supplies, environment and services artists need to facilitate their professional careers.  We provide clients with an exceptional service experience and provide the best in high quality options in aftercare and jewellery.  We create an environment that encourages artistic, professional, and studio growth.  We want to create a home for artists and other industry professionals to grow and create a career.  We support LGBTQ2 + 


Be a part of our team, email us today.