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Are you searching for a cosmetic tattoo studio near you? Then pop in at The Fall Tattooing, the best tattoo shop in Vancouver, and get the look you always wanted.


Our cosmetic tattoo artist, Sarah Grisdale, is licensed by BioTouch Canada, one of the world’s leading manufacturers and trainers of permanent and semi-permanent makeup. She trained to do various procedures such as feathered eyebrows, filled eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, freckles, and camouflage.

Services and Prices


– $450

(free touch-up)

Microblading is one of the most popular methods of cosmetic tattoos. It uses a group of needles to deposit pigments into the skin underneath your eyebrows, creating realistic-looking hair strokes.

This permanent makeup method is ideal for anyone wanting fuller, more symmetrical brows and people that over-plucked or has Alopecia.


– $200

(nose & cheeks)

Add some adorable freckles to your cheeks and nose to add to your natural beauty.

Like other cosmetic tattoos, freckles are semi-permanent makeup. They will appear dark when you first get them, especially during the healing process. Once healed, your new freckles will be significantly lighter and fade naturally over time.


– $ 450

 (free touch-up)

Ombré Powder Brows is a semi-permanent makeup method that adds more volume to your eyebrows. They are ideal for very oily skin, people with barely any hair, and people who like the makeup look.

Sarah learned how to do Ombré Powder Brows from Brownude. Powdered Ombre is done with a digital tattoo machine and is an excellent alternative to Microblading. However, you can also combine them with Microblading to create a 3D look!

Touch Ups
The first cosmetic tattoo touch-up is FREE within 8 weeks.

Touch-ups within a year are $150, within 2 years are $250, and after 2 years are full price.

​A non-refundable deposit is required to book. We will deduct this amount from the total on the day of your procedure.

​2 days notice is needed to reschedule, and cancellations or no shows lose their deposit.

Cosmetic Tattoos

We strive for excellence in all we do, including customer care, quality, safety, and pricing. Our Cosmetic Tattoo studio is the best in the area and guarantees satisfaction.

If you have any questions regarding our cosmetic tattoo services, our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to provide you with the answers you seek. For tattoo artists at The Fall Tattooing, their trade isn’t just a job, but a way of life. Therefore, they will always provide you with their best quality work and help you achieve the look you yearn for.

So, are you ready to add to your natural beauty with permanent or semi-permanent makeup? Then book a consultation with The Fall Tattooing today!