We thank you for you cooperation in making our studio safe for you, our staff and your families.

Communicable disease prevention Plan

Note: adjustments have been made to our plan to better reflect current health risks.

The FALL Tattooing will be following the British Coumbia Center of Disease-Control (BCCDC), Public Health Canada, and Worksafe BC recommeded guidance with regard to social distancing practices and sanitations.

We thank you for you cooperation in making our studio safe for you, our staff and your families.

How We Stay Safe

Body artists have faced the risk of catching viruses long before Corona, which is why we educated ourselves in cross contamination and blood borne pathogens for your safety and ours. We have been providing all of you with a clean and hygienic environment for all your body art needs for over ten years and that’s not about to change now.

Client Protocols

  • Clients must follow a strict booking procedure that puts them through a health screening process. First they will view and answer health questions on the website or via email. There will be verbal confirmation of the same questions when the appointment is confirmed. Lastly, they will be visually inspected for symptoms and have their temperature taken.
  • Consultations will be done online via an agreed upon video platform (Skype, instagram, etc)
  • Appointments will be scheduled, to the best of our ability, in a manner that staggers appointment arrivals and departures
  • Clients must arrive with an appropriate mask and wear it at all times while in the studio. If you do not have a mask there will be some available for a free.
  • Client visits to the studio will be by appointment only. The waiting area within the studio is temporarily closed to limit the number of people within the space.
  • Clients will be greeted at the door at their appointment time, instructed on the new protocols, given hand sanitizer, and directed to their artists station.
  • You are encouraged to use touchless payments such as, we have all type available. 
  • At this time we are not able to work on immune compromised clients.
  • Clients clothing should be clean, and have good personal hygiene,
  • Please avoid unnecessary clothing items such as backpacks, large purses or bags, etc.
  • Personal items such as phones, headphones, etc will be disinfected.
  • At this time, we can only allow clients and staff to enter the studio. No guests please.
  • No food or drinks in the stations
  • Due to the increased costs associated with being as safe as possible there will be an additional fee of $20 for tattoos under two hours.  The cost will cover the following (masks, clothing barrier, aftercare film, face shields, increase use of disinfectants and hard surface barriers)
  • If you are feeling ill, or are suffering from any flu or Covid-19 symptoms, been exposed to anyone with Covid-19 or suffering from any flue or Covid-19 symptoms, you may reschedule your appointment without losing your deposit.
  • If clients are found not complying with our, or the provinces protocols, we reserve the right to cancel your appointment, keep deposits, and refuse service in future dates

Artist Procedures

The FALL Tattooing will continue to follow a high standard of cross contamination and safety for our customers. We also added additional precautions to limit risks associated with Covid-19.

Artists will be required to continue safe social distancing, answer the same health questions as clients, report symptoms immediately, stay home or quarantine if feeling ill, maintain good hygiene, and submit to having their temperature taken daily.

Artists will be required to successfully complete the following training courses.

  • Standard precautions: Waste management.
  • Standard precautions: Hand hygiene 
  • How to use personal protective equipment
  • Blood born pathogens
  • Personal instruction at the studio on how to move forward and what new protocols that need to be enacted.
  • Follow and maintain said protocols, and be willing to adjust or implement additional safety procedures when necessary.
  • Artist will be required to adorn appropriate PPE at all times
  • All items used during a procedure must be stored in a way that protects from exposure to airborne pathogens. Use your storage units for bibs, sheets, paper towels, ink bottles, etc.
  • Artists will keep their personal items such as jackets, backpacks, purses, etc stored in a storage area away from the stations to help protect from exposure to airborne pathogens.
  • Artists will be asked to use the supplied disinfectants to wipe down any computers or other shared studio resources before and after each use.
  • Artists will do consultations and piercing checkups online via Facetime or other equivalent application. There will be isolated computers available for this purpose.
  • Artists will work with the studio to monitor and improve, where necessary the procedures and policies listed above.
  • Artists will be encouraged to keep precautions like social distancing, hand hygiene, etc outside of the studio to help protect ourselves, the customers, and the community in general.

Studio Standards

We will ensure compliance, on an administrative level, of all standards and protocols for clients, artists and staff entering the studio which include;

  • Sanitize your hands immediately upon arrival.
  • Submit to Covid-19 related questions and have a no contact temperature reading taken.
  • Wash their hands before and after each procedure following proper hand washing protocols.
  • Place personal items in designated area
  • Any other measure deemed necessary to ensure the safety of our artists, staff, and their clients
  • Inside doors, soap and hand towel dispensers, and sink faucets are either foot or wrist operated or motion censored
  • PPE will be supplied by the studio and kept in adequate stock. Including:
    • surgical masks for procedures
    • reusable masks for non procedure time spent in the studio
    • face shields
    • body coverings such as aprons, sleeves or medical overalls
    • gloves
    • disinfectants
  • Computers, printers, and any items commonly used by staff will be distanced from each other and disinfected between uses.
  • Common area items such as fridges, microwaves, kettles, etc have been removed.
  • There will be clearly visible signage directing how to prevent the spread of Covid-19, how to properly maintain safe social distancing, health and PPE requirements, proper hand washing and hand sanitizing instructions.
  • A strict cleaning schedule will be adhered to for bathrooms and any areas used by clients outside of the tattoo station.
  • Sneeze guards installed at retail stations
  • Contactless payments from clients, and payroll for staff
  • Every work area will be a minimum of 10′ apart, centre to centre, and polyester curtains used as an extra barrier where necessary. Exceeding the recommended 5 square meters.
  • Air filters with tru Hepa filtration rated to filter the air at lease three times an hour.
  • We will limit the amount of people in common areas such as the staff room to allow for safe social distancing.
  • We will provide information to artists, staff, and clients through current and relevant online training, one on one training, including both verbal and written instructions.
  • Lockers will be provided to staff for secure storage space away from their tattoo stations.

Support Staff Procedures And Responsibilities

  • Support staff will monitor compliance of the above standards among the staff and their clients and inform management of any non compliance
  • will adhere to the cleaning and disinfection schedule and maintain accurate records of such
  • will confirm client compliance with protocols described above.
  • Will greet clients at the door at their appointment time, reiterate protocols, confirm hand sanitization, take their temperature, and direct them to their artist station
  • will confirm all online waivers and aftercare instructions have been signed and distributed.
  • Will give clients appropriate PPE and instruct them on the proper use.

Piercing And Jewellery

  • We are not able to install any jewellery purchased outside of our studio or be providing reprocessing services for worn jewelry at this time.
  • Any piercings under, or that will interfere with a mask will not be preformed, or be eligible for jewelry changes. Emergency removal services may be available at the piercers discretion, and will be assessed remotely before any in person service.
  • We will be unable to open our displays when choosing jewellery from the display cases
  • If you wish to purchase jewelry without any sort of physical service or insertion, staff will remove it from the display case and sterilize it while wearing the appropriate PPE
  • Sterilization of jewelry, piercing supplies, and tools takes roughly 7-10 minutes. Clients will wait in the piercing room during this process.