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Cleo Wattenstrom is an artist known globally for her tattooing. Focusing mainly in detailed black and grey work, her sought-after stylehas brought Wattenstrom around the world where she has been featured in some of the most prestigious tattoo conventions and magazine publications.

In recent years, she has relocated to the US working out of some of the best tattoo shops in Southern California.

Cleo typically conceptualizes all of her tattoos with each client in mind to ensure that every piece is one of a kind.  Cleo lives and works out of Venice, CA, but spends a few months out of the year traveling internationally.  The FALL is very lucky to have Cleo visit us starting October 11th

Check out her Instagram at Cleo Wattenstrom Instagram

If you want to get tattooed by Cleo at The FALL, email her at

Georgi Abusleme has been practising the fine art of tattooing since 1995. He is one of the most prestegious artist in the Chilean scene, with more than 20 years of experience. "G" has worked in different countries, like Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and also Europe.

He is the owner of Amor Real Tattoo, one of the best studios located in Santiago, Chile since 2007. His art has been influenced by the likes of Filip Leu (Switzerland), Marcus Pacheco (USA), Hidelchibay (Japan), Ian Parkin (Australia), and Joel Soos (Sweden).

Every piece of work he creates is a unique custom design where he fuses vibrant colours with different art styles such as new traditional, Dot Work and New School Japanese, which enables him to profide the best quality work to his clientele. He is interested in networking with artists near and far, always learning, always growing and giving his full attention to detail in every piece of art he creates.